For authors, publicity has become the most crucial factor in their success. With thousands of books being published each month, you need a publicist to make your book stand out. Book Publicity Services has helped hundreds of authors build their brand. A strategic PR campaign with Neely Worldwide Publishing will generate more reviews for your book and improve your online presence significantly, as well as increase your readership and sales.

This includes-

- Book Reviews
- Media Exposure
- Social Media Promotion
- Speaking Engagements
- Press Release Distribution

Are you looking for real readers to read and review your book? 

Accepting all authors including self-published. Pre-published and recently published accepted.

According to Forbes in a recent article for authors, traditional book promotions do not work. “The only way to break this cycle is to get reviews.”

With our book promotion, we send out a specialized ‘Book Review Request’ to thousands of journalists, magazine editors, radio talk show hosts, book bloggers, and top Amazon reviewers seeking reviews for your book. Using our own proprietary lists divided into genre-specific reviewers, we put your book in front of interested people seeking review copies. This is where thousands of reviewers sign up to discover new books. Self-published authors accepted. These are real reviewers and journalists who offer their honest opinion. They are not paid nor compensated. The decision to review is up to them and the quality of your work. 

How it works:

1. Request a review-  Choose whether you want standard service (7-9 weeks, $450) or express service (4-6 weeks, $599), and pay for your review. When you submit your order, you’ll get an email from the Neely Worldwide Publishing team confirming receipt of your request. These are legitimate reviews by industry professionals not everyday book reviewers.

2.  Submit Manuscript- Upload a PDF of your manuscript. We’ll provide detailed instructions for you after you place your order.

3.  Stand by while we review your book - Upon receipt of your book or manuscript, our editor will assign your project to a qualified reviewer who will read the complete book and write a full review (approximately 250-350 words).  Typically fewer than 300 words, our reviews include summary content to give our readers context along with a concise, unbiased opinion that can be positive, negative or neutral. 

4.  Download review - Neely Worldwide Publishing will email you  when your review is ready. 

5.  Keep your review private or publish it for free - It's as simple as that!


Standard Service
7-9 weeks


Express Service
4-6 weeks




Like having your own publicist distribute your press release for you... Plus, after the release goes out, you will receive all the resulting leads for more personal 


Do you need a publicist to handle your press release with targeted distribution and phone call follow-up? Do you want personal media leads sent directly to you? How about a clipping service that notifies you whenever your book is mentioned on the Internet? Neely Worldwide Publishing's PR Publicist service does all this for you, and more.

How it works: 

1.  We will contact you for a copy of the press release you want distributed.. If you need assistance composing a press release, we can help you out by doing a custom press release as well.

2.  We will e-mail your release directly to the personal email in-boxes of book reviewers and editors in print, radio, television, trades, E-zines, syndicates, and wires locally, regionally and nationwide. 

3. We will send you every single media lead that results from your publicist campaign

4. Your book promoted to 20,000+ social media followers


Three Press Releases

Five Press Releases

Ten Press Releases


This is the only legitimate way to “buy book reviews”. Because you’re not actually buying book reviews, but book publicity. Our team of reviewers are honest, ethical, and do not receive compensation except for the book. Buying fake reviews, which many authors attempt, can get you into trouble. Be aware that there are a ton of book bloggers out there, aside from the conventional newspaper and magazine book reviewers.  And getting as many book reviews as possible helps get your work out there.  It can be tough to rise to the top when there are so many competing for the same review slot. Unfortunately, book reviewers are picky, and they don’t have enough time to pick every book request they receive.  FAR FROM IT. As book reviewers, we understand this dilemma.  Neely Worldwide Publishing have never offered a guarantee for press release leads or reviews.. All prices mentioned on this page does not include taxes.

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