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Web Design Services

Want to have more profits in your online business?

If you answered YES! in that case think out of the box, then Neely Worldwide Publishing can help you. Look no further. Now think of a web designer to help you design your website or maybe give some thought to hiring an experienced web designer to get the job done for you

PR & Publicity Services

For authors, publicity has become the most crucial factor in their success. With thousands of books being published each month, you need a publicist to make your book stand out. Book Publicity Services has helped hundreds of authors build their brand. A strategic PR campaign with Neely Worldwide Publishing will generate more reviews for your book and improve your online presence significantly, as well as increase your readership and sales.

Social Media
Management Services

Selling your book in the modern marketplace is more complex than simply taking out a newspaper ad, or buying a radio or TV spot. The good news is that taking advantage of readily available social media outlets is, in the long run, a far more cost-effective way of targeting the appropriate audience for your book.

Neely Worldwide Publishing can set up an Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media, then you’re well on your way to reaching thousands of avid readers.

Blog Tour Services

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Promotional Material Services

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