The complete Digital eBook package
Everything you need: eBook conversion, promotion & distribution

Publishing an eBook is both exciting and daunting at the same time. Your book is your baby. It’s important  that you make sure your eBook looks and reads great on all the popular eReaders, like Kindle, iPad, Nook, and more.

Now... Neely Worldwide Publishing can do it all for you....  Once your book is written, we can format it, edit it and design a cover for you and ready it for the public. Now 'your baby' awaits to get it into the eager hands of hungry readers! Today even completely unknown authors have the ability to get global eBook distribution to all the most popular eBook platforms, and Neely Worldwide Publishing can get published and out there!
Package 1 - Basic 
(Digital Ebook Publishing Only)

Additional Package Add-Ons with this package
(*Additional Fees, Charges & Conditions Apply)

  • - Consultation with cover and interior designer inclusive of basic cover design
  • - Copy Editing/Proofing: Advanced
  • - Data Entry (for manuscripts: paper to digital conversions)
  • - Personalized Web Design
  • - Social Media Management 
  • - Marketing Promotional Package 
  • - Press Release Campaign
  • - Alterations & Corrections after manuscript submission
  • - Ongoing Client Talent Management 
  • Availability of your book in Digital Ebook Format ONLY
        -  With Assigned ISBN, Barcode & Copywright Date
        -  Registration with Books In Print® database
  • Submit your own cover design 
  • Basic Editing (Spelling and Punctuation only)
  • One Digital Proof
  • Worldwide Online Book Distribution  to over 39,000+
  • Book and author links on the Neely Worldwide Publishing Website and Online Webstore
  • Royalities  60/40 (40% Author/ 60%NWP)
  • 1 Digital and 5 Printed Paperback Books to the Author
Please note:  Payments of these packages can be negotiated by fortnightly installments, only on approval with publishing contract offer. Neely Worldwide Publishing and Neely Productions Inc, no longer use Paypal Business as an accepted way of payment, due to security reasons. We accept most payment/banking methods, but for International clients we prefer payments to be made through Stripe Business via Credit/Debit Card (secured and verified) or through secured and verified Western Union via Money order or Money Gram. We suggest these methods to keep your fees and charges as low as possible. You can choose to have it wired to you via bank to bank, but please check that this is an efficient method for you as large fees and charges (acceptance, processing, conversion) do occur with the bank that you do your finance with. 

Disclaimer: All Packages includes the cost of the free books, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling and additional ordered books thereafter. **ALL PACKAGES ARE NOT INCLUSIVE OF TAXES. ALL PRICES VALID UNTIL JUNE 27TH 2016, PRICES WILL INCREASE AFTER THIS DATE.
Those published prior to 01/06/2016 your packages and contracts are not affected. New packages are effective as of  01/06/2016. 
**ALL prices are  now current and updated as of  01/06/2016. The next price increase will take place on the 27th June 2016.

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